Cleaning Your Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment

Good dental hygiene is imperative, particularly if you are wearing braces. Dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment can prevent issues like cavities under the brackets and discoloration. To ensure that you or your child are cleaning your braces and teeth properly, Dr. Priya Sridhar and our team are happy to over instruction and advice. Rinsing & Brushing You or your child... read more »

Braces Can Effectively Shift an Adolescent’s Smile

If you have a child who has crooked teeth, then you’re most likely thinking about the best time to align their smile with braces. Our dentist, Dr. Priya Sridhar, would like to help you by telling you that the adolescent years are the best time to begin orthodontic treatment. There are many reasons why this is recommended, and she is... read more »