Each mouth is unique, which means that each case of orthodontics will never be the same. To help you achieve the best possible outcome with your orthodontics, Dr. Priya Sridhar will conduct your treatment in phases, providing customized care at each stage.

The details of your treatment phases will depend on your dental condition, the method of orthodontics used, and your final goals. Orthodontic care unfolds in three general phases:

  • Phase 1: Our dentist will plan out your orthodontic treatment by diagnosing your dental condition and needs in order to plan the most effective strategy. During this time, Dr. Priya Sridhar will perform medical and dental evaluations, create a model of your teeth, take panoramic X-rays and “before” photographs, and create computer-generated images.
  • Phase 2: This is the “active” phase, during which all the planning tools from Phase 1 will be used to create your custom orthodontic device, such as braces or Invisalign®. The appliance will be adjusted at regular intervals to maintain adequate pressure on the teeth.
  • Phase 3: Once the teeth and jaw are in proper position, our dentist will remove your orthodontic appliance and provide a custom retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting out of place. You may need to wear your retainer for a specified amount each day or receive a permanent retainer. During this time, the jawbone will reform to stabilize the teeth in their new position.

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