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Laser Dentistry

The Latest in Oral Health: Laser Dentistry

Preserve your smile with cutting-edge laser dentistry. Call Kenmore Dental today.

Using laser dentistry, Dr. Sridhar offer patients a fresh approach to dental care. Preserve more of your natural smile with laser treatments. Our practice’s Waterlase laser is minimally invasive, combining water with focused light to replace the need for a drill to treat many dental conditions.

Dental lasers allow for a comfortable, streamlined, and effective procedure, whether you need repair of tooth decay or other dental treatments. Our practice is dedicated to bringing our patients the highest-quality dental care, and our team members consistently update their knowledge to ensure the most pleasant visit possible.

Reach out today for an initial appointment to assess if laser dentistry is suitable for your treatment plan.

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Why Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an excellent option for people with dental phobia. Anxiety and discomfort are common, but you do not have to live with these fears any longer. Laser dentistry has revolutionized dental procedures in creating a comfortable and painless option to treat various conditions.

Even those without fears of the dentist can benefit because laser dentistry can take the place of nearly any invasive measure you’d need.

Procedures and Conditions Solved By Laser Dentistry

During your visit, our dentists might recommend laser dentistry for the following treatments:

  • To treat periodontal disease
  • To cure or harden dental fillings
  • To remove the damaged portions of teeth
  • To treat canker and cold sores
  • To reshape gum lines

If you need a procedure that you don’t see here, give us a call and tell us about it. Our informative staff will provide you with a better sense of whether we can solve your dental condition with laser dentistry.

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Laser Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is the most outstanding achievement of laser dentistry. Millions of adults suffer from gum disease—symptoms present as red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Gum recession exposes your tooth roots, making them susceptible to bacterial growth.

Get ahead of gum disease by scheduling a laser dentistry appointment with Kenmore Dental. We’ll take measures to counteract your gum disease before more significant problems such as tooth and bone loss present themselves.

In the past, we would use metal dental scraping tools to pull back your gums and remove the plaque and bacteria. Laser dentistry has dramatically changed this procedure, allowing us to remove the irritant without causing you more pain. In addition, healing time is almost instant, as many of our patients walk away from the process feeling better already.

Get Started With Laser Dentistry Today

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