Laser Dentistry: The Facts

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Did you know that laser dentistry has been used for more than twenty years? Still, in recent years, laser dentistry has become more popular—but do you know why? Specifically, do you know what the benefits of laser dentistry actually are?

In reality, several treatments can be done with lasers. If your teeth seem to have shrunk, they’re probably being covered by your gums. If you have this issue, lasers could be used to remove the extra tissue. Laser dentistry can also be useful if your teeth aren’t erupting properly, or can be used as part of a TMJ disorder treatment. Finally, lasers can be useful for helping children who have a hard time speaking, or to enhance your tooth whitening experience.

Furthermore, laser dentistry can be useful for patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist. Similarly, you may not need anesthesia if lasers are used during your treatment since treatments performed with lasers tend to be less painful. Treatments done with lasers are also more precise and cause less bleeding, which makes infections less likely. Finally, treatments performed with lasers tend to heal more quickly.

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