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iTero Impressions

Speed, Accuracy, Comfort: iTero Impressions

Make a great first impression with iTero™ digital impressions. Then, get painless 3D scans of your teeth at Kenmore Dental.

Kenmore Dental is proud to offer our patients iTero digital impressions. With this innovation in scanning technology, uncomfortable X-ray impressions are things of the past. So whether you’re undergoing Invisalign treatment or getting scanned for future orthodontic treatment, iTero gives our dentists a clear view of your mouth’s structure in a noninvasive way.

iTero scanning, when compared to traditional impressions, gives our dentists a clearer view. We can see the contours of your teeth and gums, rendering an accurate scan in only minutes – and without the uncomfortable impression material. 

Read on to learn more about our iTero impression dental services and how they can change how you experience dental exams.

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How iTero Works

The handheld iTero impression device takes a 3D model of your teeth, allowing our dentists to scan structures needed to see. Then, our dentist can wave the scanner in front and around your mouth to get a clear view. Unlike older methods, you can adjust your mouth, swallow, and breathe normally during the procedure.

The iTero Element and other scanners in the family create stunningly clear and accurate pictures right in the office. Gone are the days of waiting for the lab to get back to us with a picture of the impression. Instead, we can send the digital image immediately and get the results back by the next day.

We rarely have to re-do impressions. Additionally, patients can view the iTero impression scan in real-time alongside their dentist.

Reasons to Get iTero Impressions.

Besides experiencing a painless and more precise version of traditional X-rays, you’ll find iTero offers a lot for patients. Here are some of the reasons patients should try iTero impressions:

  • Restorative dentistry solutions: With such an accurate picture, iTero boosts our doctor’s efficiency, allowing you to get more out of your visit. This proves invaluable for creating crowns, bridges, dental sealants, and more.
  • Orthodontic solutions: The rich 3D visuals of the iTero scanner allow us to create perfect molds of your mouth, ideal for Invisalign and other orthodontal treatment plans.
  • Onscreen visualization: Real-time adjustments allow our doctors to develop an ideal scan. You won’t have to worry about returning to the office because we can see what the scan looks like while you’re here.
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Get iTero Impressions Today with Kenmore Dental

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