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The most effective smiles focus on caring for your teeth and gums by all means possible. This includes making sure you’re receiving the necessary care your teeth require to stay safe. It’s also important that you keep up the appearance of your teeth and avoid products that can easily stain or discolor them.

Are you aware of the risks associated with chewing on pencils, pen caps or other inedible products? If you do ever chew on any products such as these, it is often linked to stress or anxiety. However, not only do you need to deal with the stress you may have, but you must do so in other ways, as these products can easily fracture your teeth. As an alternative, chewing on sugarless gum can actually trigger the flow of saliva and protect against enamel-eating acids.

Another common risk factor that can arise via tooth hazards is by biting your nails. Similar to chewing on inedible products, biting on your nails can easily fracture your teeth. This is because biting your nails often concentrates your bite force directly on one spot of your teeth and make it more likely to suffer a fracture.

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