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Good oral health is important for maintaining a high quality of life. To that end, every dental checkup performed at Kenmore Dental invokes techniques and examinations of every aspect of your mouth.

The appointment starts with a hygienist performing a thorough dental cleaning to remove all traces of hardened tartar from your teeth and along the gumline. This is followed up by a dental polishing procedure to remove minor surface stains. If your teeth suffer from more significant staining issues, you might want to ask about your dental whitening options.

While cleaning and polishing your teeth, the hygienist will keep an eye out for signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Should they notice any trouble spots, they will note them for Dr. Michael J. Conway’s direct attention. This might also include taking some X-rays to get a clearer picture of the interior of the tooth.

Dr. Michael J. Conway will then perform a thorough examination of your mouth. Should Dr. Michael J. Conway detect a problem, he will discuss your treatment options.

If your tooth enamel shows signs of weakness or acid erosion, Dr. Michael J. Conway might recommend having a basic fluoride treatment administered. This will help strengthen tooth enamel to help prevent future cavities.

Then, Dr. Michael J. Conway will conduct a basic oral cancer screening. This will involve an examination of your tongue, neck, cheek and throat to look for any overt signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer.

If you’re due for your next dental checkup in Kenmore, Washington, you should call 425-485-0588 to schedule an appointment at Kenmore Dental.