Halitosis and Why They Are Needed

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Are you aware that halitosis is another name for foul breath? Even though it may seem like a side effect, halitosis isn’t always caused by consuming smelly foods. In some instances, halitosis is a sign of something much worse, which can include diseases and ailments within the body. Listed below are common causes and symptoms of bad breath:


– Numerous diseases and illnesses cause bad breath, including respiratory tract infections and liver and kidney problems.

– If you have an underlying condition such as periodontal disease, also called gum disease, it may be causing bad breath.

– If you have dentures that have been contaminated or were not cleaned correctly, it can result in bad breath.

– One of the easiest and quickest ways to eradicate bad breath is with mouthwash.

– Medications can lead to bad breath if they produce dry mouth symptoms.

– Plaque buildup in your mouth can lead to bad breath.

– Bad breath can be caused by poor oral health care including a failure to floss and brush daily.


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