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Dental Fluoride Treatment

Preventive Fluoride Treatment in Kenmore, WA

Step up your dental care game. Get fluoride treatment in Kenmore, WA, with Kenmore Dental.

Preventive care allows Dr. Sridhar to address problems before they can start, preventing long-term tooth decay and cavities. Flossing, brushing, and coming in every six months for professional cleanings and checkups can go a long way, and fluoride allows our team to provide an additional layer of protection.

Tried and true, fluoride still ranks among the best dental care treatments available. We see more and more patients each day who are willing to try fluoride to promote their oral health. Additionally, fluoride provides all the necessary minerals children need for healthy tooth growth.

Read on to learn more about fluoride treatment in Kenmore, WA, and the high-quality dental services our team offers

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Dental Fluoride Treatment

How Does Fluoride Work?

Fluoride fortifies teeth by preventing demineralization. When people eat sugar and other corrosive foods, their teeth lose minerals, becoming more at risk for tooth decay. 

Fluoride coats your teeth, providing more protection than just your enamel and keeping plaque from hardening on the surfaces of your teeth.

What is topical Fluoride?

As the name suggests, you apply this type of fluoride to your teeth. We can deliver fluoride through toothpaste, mouthwash, and professional fluoride applications. Our fluoride treatment in Kenmore, WA, often consists of administering a gel or varnish to your teeth when you visit.

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How to Determine If Fluoride Therapy Is Necessary

If you suspect you or your child might need fluoride treatment, just come in for an appointment.

We’ll quickly assess the quality of your oral health and determine if treatment is suitable.

Receiving Treatment

We’ll evaluate all the risk factors for developing cavities, and if we call for treatment, we apply the fluoride or send you away with prescribed toothpaste all in the same session.

A fluoride treatment in Kenmore, WA, takes only a few minutes. After treatment, we’ll advise you don’t rinse, eat, or drink for half an hour. This allows your teeth ample time to absorb the fluoride.

Depending on our recommendation, you may have to return every three, six, or twelve months for additional treatments. Sometimes, we will give you a new mouthwash or toothpaste to take home to continue treatment daily. Some fluoride toothpaste doubles for teeth whitening as well.

Which Fluoride Treatment Is Best for You?

If you’re looking for fluoride treatment when you’re in the dental care section of a local Kenmore supermarket, look out for the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. These products underwent rigorous testing by the ADA for safety and effectiveness. 

If you have any questions about which product is right for your or your child’s dental care plan, give us a call today, and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

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Get Comprehensive Fluoride Treatment in Kenmore, WA

Unlike other dental procedures, fluoride is noninvasive, requires no anesthesia, and is so simple that children could apply it themselves. We strongly recommend fluoride regimens for all children because their teeth have yet to build strong enamel, making them more prone to cavities. Likewise, getting the proper minerals on their teeth early sets them up for a lifetime of pristine oral health.

If you’re prone to cavities or notice your gums or enamel receding, give Kenmore Dental a call today at 425-485-0588. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will note your observations and set you up with an appointment.

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