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Gum disease has two different stages, and our dentist, Dr. Michael J. Conway, would like to tell you all about them. The more you know about gum disease, the better chance you have of preventing it and treating it when necessary. This is very important because gum disease is a serious and dangerous dental issue that can severely affect your oral health and even your entire health.

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs when the plaque starts to irritate the gum tissues. This makes the gums swell and bleed often, even when you brush, floss and eat. The gums also turn a red color and become very tender. You might also experience persistent bad breath. This stage can be treated with a professional dental cleaning. It should be treated as soon as possible.

The second stage of gum disease is known as periodontitis. This stage occurs when the plaque turns into tartar and makes the gums recede from the teeth. When this happens, gum pockets form and tartar infect those pockets. As time goes on, the tartar spreads to infect the tooth roots and even underlying bone. You will likely suffer loose and lost teeth as the disease progresses. Treatments for this stage include scaling and root planing, gum grafts, bone grafts and more.

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