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Dental Sealants

Affordable and Reliable Dental Sealants in Kenmore, WA

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At Kenmore Dental, we’ve provided countless clients with dental sealants as a preventive care measure to counteract cavities and decay on more susceptible teeth. Typically, we use sealants for teeth in the back of the mouth used for chewing. 

The various deep grooves on these teeth promote the growth of pits and fissures, collecting bacteria and food particles. So regardless of how rigorous your brushing and flossing schedule might be, tooth decay happens, and cavities can develop. 

Read on to learn how dental sealants in Kenmore, WA, can protect your smile for years to come.

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What Are Dental Sealants?

We make dental sealants out of clear or tooth-colored resin – formulated precisely to match the color of your teeth. By painting sealants onto the chewing surfaces of teeth, we can protect at-risk teeth from developing problems over time. 

While people of any age can benefit from dental sealants, our practice strongly recommends them for young children. The enamel coating on new teeth gets stronger with time, but in the meantime, children’s teeth are more susceptible to decay. Fluoride and similar treatments can help, but alternatives are nowhere near as strong as our dental sealants in Kenmore, WA.

How Dental Sealants Work

Sealants shield your chewing surfaces from decay-causing bacteria that can lead to cavities. Sometimes, when decay starts to happen in a deep groove on a molar, the crack that develops is too deep for you to reach with a toothbrush. In these instances, cavities are nearly imminent. 

Dr. Sridhar, DMD, can perform a routine dental exam to determine if you need dental sealants. If you’ve been prone to cavities in the past, ask us about dental sealants in Kenmore, WA, next time you visit us

Dental Sealants
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How We Apply Dental Sealants

Sealant treatment is painless and does not require local anesthesia – a stark contrast from getting a cavity treated. First, we thoroughly clean and dry the tooth and apply an etching solution to the area. This prepares the tooth to allow the sealant to adhere.

After we lay the sealant on, we dry the tooth with a special curing light, hardening the material and sending you on your way.

Who Is at the Highest Risk for Cavities?

A few factors can highly influence cavity risk. Genetics play a role, and if your parents suffered a lot of tooth decay over their lives, you may, too, because you’re genetically predisposed. 

Some people’s mouths promote decay-causing bacteria more than others. For example, if you grew up without fluoride in the tap water, your teeth might not have as much resistance to bacteria. 

Young children and teens have a much higher risk of developing cavities before their tooth enamel fully hardens over time. Additionally, children eat more sugary foods and have poorer dental care habits. 

Bring your young child or teen for a visit with our team, and we’ll let you know if dental sealants in Kenmore, WA, are the right choice.


The Best Dental Sealants in Kenmore, WA

When you want sealants done right, you want Kenmore Dental. We’ve applied sealants thousands of times over the years, and more of our patients tell us each day about how sealants have changed their lives. 

If you’re predisposed to cavities, don’t wait until you get another one—Call 425-485-0588 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Kenmore Dental team members and set an appointment.

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