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Dental Hygiene

Find Excellent Dental Hygiene in Kenmore, WA

Get the dental care you – and your teeth – deserve. Call Kenmore Dental today for the top-rated dental hygiene treatments in Kenmore, WA.

Maintaining a rigorous dental hygiene routine is the foundation of a healthy smile. So when you’re brushing and flossing at home and coming to Kenmore Dental every six months for a professional exam and cleaning, you’re staying on top of your oral health to set up your teeth for a long and healthy future.

When you visit Kenmore Dental, our team will thoroughly assess the state of your oral health, examining for cavities, potential decay, and more. We’re in the business of healthy smiles, and we’ll work alongside you to find a practical, comfortable treatment plan.

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Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Services in Kenmore, WA

Taking care of your teeth daily is half the battle. For the other half, you can trust our team to administer preventive maintenance and other hygiene services to promote the long-term health of your teeth. 

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Fluoride treatments: Found in public water sources and toothpaste, fluoride is a great preventive measure that strengthens your teeth and enamel. We’ll assess your situation, including how often you develop cavities. Fluoride prevents decay, and we can administer it topically.
  • Professional teeth cleaning: This service is the cornerstone of any dental office, and for a good reason. Your visit every six months will allow our dentists to keep track of your dental health and catch problems before they become more significant. Prevent gingivitis, cavities, and decay with regular dental hygiene services in Kenmore, WA.
  • Teeth whitening services: Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? With Kenmore Dental’s teeth whitening services, you can get the shining smile of your dreams in no time. We prescribe special toothpaste and at-home care regimens that will dramatically whiten your teeth.
  • Periodontal treatments: The bacteria that cause periodontal disease go through periods of activity and remission. If we notice signs of gum disease by the condition of your gums, we offer a deeper cleaning process to keep the disease at bay. When you have periodontal disease, we recommend you come in once every two to four months for a cleaning.

If you need a dental hygiene service in Kenmore, WA, that we did not mention here, give us a call. Between the dental prowess of Dr. Priya Sridhar, DMD, and Dr. Michael J. Conway, DDS, there’s little our family practice can’t handle. So whether you need a regular cleaning or you want to bring your kids to a friendly dentist’s office, we’ve got you covered.

What to Expect in a Routine Cleaning

When you’re ready for your cleaning, you can expect our hygienist to review your dental history thoroughly. We’ll give you an oral cancer screening and evaluate your overall dental health as a precautionary measure. We use the latest digital scanners, like the iTero impression, to scan for signs of decay, especially in harder-to-see areas.

Next, the cleaning begins. We’ll remove stains, plaque, and tartar that has developed since your last visit. Depending on how at-risk you are to develop cavities, we may suggest dental sealants as part of your treatment plan. From there, we polish your teeth and give you instructions about at-home oral health. 

Dental Hygiene

Get the Best Dental Hygiene Care in Kenmore, WA

Is it time for another cleaning? Give Kenmore Dental a call today at 425-485-0588 to speak with a member of our team. Let’s get you on the fast track to excellent dental hygiene.

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