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Cost of Invisalign

Cost of Invisalign Treatment

Your smile is usually the most memorable part of you. Unfortunately, few people are born with a perfect smile, which is why orthodontic aligners like
Invisaligns are so popular.

Invisalign is an innovative clear plastic alternative to traditional metal braces, offering a more comfortable, discreet way to straighten your teeth. Though more expensive than conventional braces, the average cost of Invisalign is not as much as you might think.

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Cost of Invisalign

Average Cost Of Invisalign

The cost of clear aligner treatments like Invisalign depends primarily on the total treatment time, including your office visits and the number of aligners needed. Generally, Invisalign treatments range between $5,000-$6,500. Every smile is unique, so the only way to get an accurate estimate for your smile is to schedule a consultation with your dentist.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Invisalign Treatment

Several factors impact the price of Invisalign treatment and should be considered during treatment planning.

Severe and Complex Conditions

Invisalign treatments can successfully treat most types of oral health misalignments. Even severe conditions and complex teeth movements are handled through regular office visits and additional attachments such as lingual braces. However, acute conditions require more supplies and treatment time, thus affecting the overall costs.


Once you complete Invisalign treatment, you want to maintain your newly straightened smile. Unfortunately, teeth naturally shift back to their original position after treatment unless retainers keep them in place.

Invisalign works with Vivera to produce durable retainers that look like your aligners. Unfortunately, these retainers add a few hundred dollars to the cost, though the price varies from one provider to another.


In most cases, your Invisalign aligners deliver the exact results projected during treatment planning. However, occasionally, your teeth may move slower than expected, or the results may differ from the original projection. When that occurs, your provider can issue a “refinement.”

Refinement is a new custom set of aligners designed to fine-tune your smile. Refinements do not usually cost extra if you’re on a whole Invisalign treatment plan but confirm that with your provider.

Payment Options

Your insurance company may entirely or partially cover your Invisalign treatment if your insurance covers orthodontic treatments. Some insurers may consider clear aligners a cosmetic dental treatment; therefore, check with your insurance provider first.

Paying upfront for your treatment is better, but payment plans are another option. Financing options vary among providers. Again, check with your provider for more information before planning your treatment.

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