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7 Benefits of Dental Implants in Kenmore, WA

dental implants

Dental implants are a great option for anyone who has lost a tooth, wants to replace several teeth, or is looking for a more secure alternative to replace dentures. Here, we cover the top 7 benefits of dental implants and how they can help restore your smile. 

1. Dental Implants Look Natural

Because dental implants are made to match your natural teeth, they look exactly like a normal tooth. These crowns, crafted by your dental team from composite resin to match your natural teeth, act and look like normal teeth, making them a great choice for replacing missing teeth. 

2. Dental Implants Feel Natural

Since dental implants attach directly to your jaw, they feel similar to your natural teeth. Whether you get a single dental crown or your implant attaches to another oral fixture, dental implants act similarly to your tooth’s root system, making them incredibly close to your natural teeth. 

3. They’re More Secure than Dentures

Dentures rest on top of your gums, and while you can secure them using denture paste, they are never as secure as your real teeth. Because dental implants attach within your jaw bone and have bone grow around them, they’re more secure than dentures and allow you to eat whatever you’d like without worry. 

4. Dental Implants Can Replace a Single Tooth

Dental implants work by attaching directly to your jawbone. Since they anchor in one location, they’re a great option to replace a single missing tooth. While bridges can replace a tooth spaced between other teeth, a dental implant can be a great replacement choice if your teeth are not strong enough to support a dental bridge or you have no teeth nearby the missing tooth. 

5. They Can Replace Several Teeth

Speaking of dental bridges, dental implants can act as anchors for dental bridges. This means a single dental implant can act as a replacement for several missing teeth in sequence. This is a good choice if you have a section of missing teeth but no anchor to attach a bridge. Because bridges attach to implants or an existing tooth, they’re more secure than partial dentures. 

6. Dental Implants Are Cavity-Proof

Unlike natural enamel, dental implants are made of composite materials, meaning they aren’t susceptible to cavities like natural teeth. While you still need to clean and care for your dental implants like your natural teeth, you won’t have to worry about fillings or cavities the same way you would with natural teeth. 

7. Dental Implants Help Preserve Your Jawline

Dental extractions can cause your jawline to wear away and atrophy over time. Without teeth supporting, your jawline can shrink back, adding to an older appearance. Dental implants support your jaw, helping maintain your natural jawline and providing a youthful appearance. With dental implants, you don’t need to worry about jawline atrophy. 

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